Anyone who knows the work of Alex Schomberg knows that you could blindly pick almost any of his war era covers for Timely and pull out a winner. Choosing any one above all others is a difficult job, but this cover for All Select #2 is a dandy on several fronts. First, it exemplifies Schomberg's propensity for symbolically exaggerating his heroic figures to gargantuan proportions, a conceit used by very few other artists before or since. These heroic giants sent a psychological message to the readers of the nation that our will and determination, as well as our military forces were more robust, more dedicated and inevitably stronger than those pitted against us. Additionally, it captures Schomberg's incredible facility at staging drama on a huge scale, with no sacrifice of detail or readability. The figures themselves are gorgeous, drawn in a crescent surrounding the primary action of the toppling of the bridge and the enemy's fall to oblivion. Like most Schomberg covers, you can find more to see in each successive viewing and more to admire in the work of this incredibly talented man.