MASTER COMICS #32 (1942)

This masterpiece (no pun intended!), was created during a 14-month period during which Raboy produced no less than four of comics' all-time greatest covers for this series alone. Master Comics #27 (see commentary elsewhere in this list), #30 and #40 are likewise brilliant images, but this one may be the sharpest of all, with the perfectly drawn and lit figure of Captain Marvel Jr. streaking alongside an unforgettable depiction of our national symbol, the American Eagle. Released smack-dab in the midst of World War II (November, 1942), it was a powerful iconic message--America (and her sons) were not to be trifled with! One can only imagine a young boy standing in front of his local newsstand in Kansas or Tennesee, eyes wide, mouth agape, wondering just what was beyond the border of that cover and who was going to pay for arousing the ire of America and Captain Marvel Junior.